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Control Knob Review
SkiBoat Specialties has developed a great product for the accessory enthusiast with their new custom designed control knobs. All of the control knobs are computer designed; CNC machined and are made of 6061-T6511 Aircraft Aluminum. They come in an array of colors and shapes and also offer various images engraved in the knob’s face. They install very easily in the place of the existing knob and come with all of the hardware required for installation.


Installation is very easy and do you not have to be a mechanic to install this product yourself. Simply unscrew the existing knob from your throttle and screw the new knob in place. Each knob also comes with a built in setscrew to keep it in line once installed. Before installing your new knob, make sure the setscrew is out of the way of the threads to prevent any damage. To do this, just turn the knob upside down, look inside and make sure the setscrew is not sticking out inside of the knob. Once you have your new knob in place, use the hex key that also comes with the knob and tighten the setscrew down. As we found out the hard way, it is very important not to over tighten the setscrew if you would like to get the knob off in the future. All models install on all of the popular inboard wakeboard boats.

Cleaning and Care

Instructions come in the package of each knob with cleaning instructions. You should avoid harsh cleaners when cleaning the knobs. You can clean anodized models with a mild solution of dishwashing soap and water. The natural models can be polished periodically with Mothers Aluminum Polish.


The knobs range in price between $29.95 for “The Eye” and $39.95 for all other models.

The flashy knobs are a great addition to your fine boat. They also make a great gift for any inboard boat owner. To find out more information on the control knobs, you can visit SkiBoat Specialties website at


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