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Liquid Force Truth: 1-18-2006
“Mike Ennen Month” is a hit…

Fans across the world have been celebrating “Mike Ennen Month” in full effect. Since he is our calendar boy for January, we’re compiling photos of art, snowboarding, and cold weather wakeboarding in honor of the great month at hand. Mike says, “I’m honored to have such a fun month named after me. The winter is a blast especially with the best snowboarding in the world (Mt. Baker) in my back yard.” Baker received about 100 inches of snow this past week, so we’re sure that Mike’s month has been a great one for him so far. If you’d like to stay on schedule in January while enjoying some riding images of Mike Ennen, or want to see who will be enjoying their own month in February, be sure and pick up a copy of the 2006 LF Calendar from your local shop.

Amber Wing holding it down in her homeland!

Congrats need to go out to LF/Maven rider, Amber Wing, for winning the second Aussie Pro Tour Stop this past weekend. Amber also needs to be congratulated for the fact that there even is a women’s wakeboarding division on the Aussie tour… this is the first season, and it was made possible because of Amber’s dedication to the sport and her motivation to organize the women’s part of the tour. Before this year, she was competing against the guys! For more info on the event and results, be sure to check out

Boat shows have gone O.F.F…check out the quick recap of what’s happened so far…

Ben Greenwood and Josh Hathaway in Kansas City…
BBQ, Boats, Boards, and plenty of hunting and fishing gear… it was a great weekend or LF in KC.

Shawn Watson and Silas Thurman in Seattle…
Silas and Shawn managed to sell a ton of Watson pro-models and Armada wakeskates before the Seahawks took over the stadium and won their way to the NFC Championship.

Don Wallace in Portland…
Super salesman hit the mountain hard… On Monday, following the busy weekend at the show, our rep Jim MacVicar was unfortunate enough to have his head meet up with a not-so-soft rock while riding at Mt. Hood. Wallace, mountain man extraordinaire, escorted him to the on site doctor for some serious stitches. Look for Jim to be sporting a new scar on his head, and for him to be shredding the snow again in no time.

Benny G and Kyle in Chicago…
The two wakeboarding stars rocked the Chicago boat show in style this past weekend. Seeking shelter via the McCormick Place, wakeboarding enthusiasts were able to stop by the Munson booth and chat it up with these two… sounds like it was a great weekend in the windy city.

If you’re in the Denver area or Minneapolis area, be sure to hit up the local show this upcoming weekend. Tino Santori, Lauren Loe, and Keith Lyman will be representing in the Denver market, and Stef Tor will be spreading a little bit of Maven wakeskating flavor at the Minneapolis show.

Twiggy the wakeboarding squirrel continues to gain fans…

We’ve got the inside track on the most exciting venue to hit the boat shows since free hot dog night. Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel is on the hunt for a new board sponsor. Luckily for us, Mendes was working hard at the San Diego boat show and was there to work out the deal with Twiggy and her agent. She’s currently training to make the transition from waterskiing to wakeboarding. Hopefully this waterskiing, soon to be wakeboarding, phenom will attract millions of kids and adults to the sport of wakeboarding. If you’ve never seen her in action, check out

Work in style… The LF jackets are in stock!

As usual, it’s warmer here in San Diego than the rest of the world, but we haven’t forgotten about those of you in colder climates. The LF work jacket, windbreaker, and track jackets are in inventory and ready to rock. Pair one up with the toasty beanies and you’re styling in the latest winter fashion trends. Find out how to get hip and purchase from our authorized online dealers, or any other LF dealers at

“Official LF Test Sites” on board for another great year!

If you’re looking for fun on the cable, TSR and KCW are the best places in the world to play… both are packed full of killer sliders and good times. Check out, and for all the info you need about both playgrounds!

If you’re in Southern Cal and just want a great place to hang out and ride the LF gear, California Watersports is your place to experience the fun! For more info, check out

Want to learn that new trick, or get better with the fundamentals, Darin Shapiro’s camp, Ride the Spot, is definitely the best place for you to hang out and improve your riding and to test out some LF gear. To schedule your sessions, check out

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, learn all about Lake Powell and how LF is helping you score a killer deal on a houseboat by going to If you haven’t been to Lake Powell, what are you waiting for? This place is the ultimate wakeboarding destination, and LF is proud to call it our home away from home.

06’ Clinic DVD is hitting soon…LF Films hard at work

Justin recently finished editing footage of our designers and team riders going over the 2006 LF product line. Sneak into a shop and spend time watching this insightful masterpiece. You will come away with a solid understanding of design concepts and overall product knowledge. If you are unable to make it to your shop anytime soon, be sure to check our website shortly… we will have all of this online for those of you that would like to learn all that you can about our product and why it was designed the way it was.

Check with us next time for more updates and news to enlighten your boat show season.

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