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Liquid Force Truth: 1-6-2006
By Don Wallace

LF Faithful,

Ring in the New Year with the informative updates and news brought to you exclusively by the LF marketing team in “The Truth”:

Official Mike Ennen Month

We worked with the government to make this month national Mike Ennen Month. January just has a cold, winter ring that deserves a brighter more inspirational feel. Don’t believe me check out the LF calendar. The photos are sure to bring the warm and fuzzy feeling you’re looking for. We’ll continue to bring you photos of Mike throughout the month including thrilling boat show and snowboard footage. For more info on Mike and what’s he’s up to, be sure to check out

Ahh the boat shows back……la…la…the boat shows back in town.

Most shops dread the monotonous break down and setup of the boat shows. They fear loosing a finger in the grid tossing process. Others look forward to seeing those repeat customers charging in for a special deal and to see the latest product and riders. The LF team will be there to sign autographs, meet, greet, and help you decide what setup to purchase from the trusted LF dealers on site.

Here’s the LF boat show attendance schedule for the first weekend… Jan 6-8:

Ben Greenwood and Josh Hathaway will be in Kansas City… Shawn Watson and Silas Thurman will be in Seattle… Don “Hollywood” Wallace is working in Portland and Mendes will be rocking San Diego this weekend.

Look for an update of next weekend’s boat show appearances in the next “Truth”… our team will be very busy traveling over the next couple of months… make sure not to miss your opportunity to meet them!

Guide yourself into the right gear by picking up the latest mags…

It’s really a bit overwhelming…you’ll spend the first 10-15 min flipping through the pages observing the great photos and unique layouts. Next set aside the rest of your day for reading every little fact, you’ll even find yourself reading about stuff you normally wouldn’t consider. WakeBoarding Magazine calls this information phenomenon the 2006 Board Buyers Guide, while Alliance entertains and educates with their 2006 Gear Guide, including an interview with our very own guru… Jimmy Redmon. Pick these current issues up and become enlightened. For subscription info, be sure to check out, as well as

Liquid Force WebsiteLiquid Force 2006 Website… Officially up and ready for your surfing pleasure!

Be sure and check out our newly updated website,, to see what’s shaking in the world of LF for 2006. The main framework and all of our product is up and rocking, but much more is soon to come, including: Mapquest Driving directions to your local retailers… music play lists that our team riders are rocking in their Liquid tunes…Team rider blogs… news…designers forums… contests… much, much, more!

There’s much more to talk about, but we’ll save it for next week…

We’ve got news on another BIG NAME addition to our team, as well as several opportunities we’re creating for you to win trips to Lake Powell… you won’t want to miss out… check back next week for your favorite dose of wakeboard and wakeskate gossip that we like to call The Truth!

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