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New Leather Grip Handle By Proline
Author: Proline Press Release

The newest innovation in wakeboard grips comes from Proline Rope Technology. After a year of slavery in the R&D department Proline is finally ready to unveil the LG (Leather Grip) Series handles. The LG Handles feature a chamois cloth style grip that offers incredible comfort, while remaining tacky when wet, so you won't lose your grip. The LG grip is the most innovative and effective grip to hit the wakeboarding industry in years.

The LG Series of handles is available in 3 options:
  • LG1: 5' bridle section with the super strong low stretch Dyneema rope.
  • LG2: 5' bridle section, Dyneema rope and Pistol grip.
  • LG3: 5' bridle section, Dyneema rope and Diamond grip.

    Each of the 3 options of the LG Series comes in Grey, Black or White, accented with a variety of Dyneema rope colors.

    This handle will change the way you feel on the water. The LG is a must have handle for your boat next year, just ask any CWB pro team member!

    Proline LG Series

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