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Nevin Introduces New Handle
Fairfield, Ca - Nevin Sports, a division of Westmark Sports Inc., today introduced the industrys first hundred percent carbon fiber handle, Osmosis, to its 2002 product line. Designed for expert and novice riders alike, Osmosis is considered to be the lightest and strongest wakeboard handle in the industry.

Based on its pre-pegged all carbon wrapped design, Osmosis features a consistent pull ideal for handle passes and inverted maneuvers. Its radiused structural ends with integrated asymmetrical EVA grip provide positive feel about the orientation of the handle, resulting in quicker, more accurate blind handle passing and easier vision obscured tricks.

Nevin is offering the Osmosis handle in 15 and 17-inch diameters with assorted EVA colors. Its spectrafusion line creates perfect combination for the ultimate ride.

Garrett Adams
Westmark Sports, Inc.

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