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Aaron Reed Joins Liquid Force
Aaron Reed…the man, the myth, the legend… Welcome to the Team!

The superhero wakeskater needs no introduction yet we feel it’s necessary to make it known that the latest Liquid Force team rider signed is none other than Mr. Aaron Reed. When asked about joining the team, Aaron had the following to say:

"I'm really psyched that LF brought me out here right away... they've really made me feel like part of the team. I've been at the Liquid Forceoffice in California this week testing their entire line of skates and giving my input. They've really been listening to what I have to say...I like the fact that my input on the boards is actually sought after and taken into consideration. That was one of the main reasons why, when talking with Don, I wanted to ride for LF. I'm looking forward to designing a board that I am truly happy with and have had a TON of input on. I'd like to make that available as soon as possible and everyone here at LF is really committed to releasing a board that I am 100% happy with… That's a great feeling!"

Check out this quick piece that Liquid Force Films put together, welcoming Reed to the team - Reed Teaser

Expect plenty of good things coming down the LF wakeskate pipeline with Reed on the team!

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