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Ten Wakeboarding Holiday Gifts
If you have a wakeboarder in your life, a wakeboarding gift is a going to be a big hit for the holidays. Whether you're shopping for a guy or girl, and no matter what your budget, we have some gift ideas for you.

1. Wakeboard Videos or Wakeboard DVDs and Wakeboard Posters
The winter months are long and cold, why not cozy up to some of the best DVDs ever made? Get a bunch of wakeboard videos for the winter months. Put wakeboard posters all over your room and wait for summer.

2. Wakeboard Package
Board and bindings from some of the top wakeboard companies in the industry. Get a combo and get a better price on a complete setup from Ronix, Liquid Force, CWB, or Hyperlite.

3. Wakeboard Gift Certificate
If you do not know what to get try a wakeboard gift certificate because with this you cannot go wrong.

4. Wakesurf Board
Wakesurf boards make a great gift for Christmas. From an entry level wakesurf board to the highend wakesurf boards are all welcome under the tree.

5. Wakeboard Binding
If your rider loves the board maybe a new set of bindings will make the package complete.

6. GoPro Cameras and accessories
The newest GoPro is perfect for Christmas. Make sure you get the GoPole products to make the GoPro gift complete.

7. Wakeskate
Riders always like something different. Wakeskating is a must have on any wakeboarders boat.

8. Wakeboard Vest you want them around next year so make sure you get them a new wakeboard vest.

9. Capix Rockstar Wakecap
Stay safe on sliders and other obstacles with the stylish Capix Rockstar Wakecap helmet.

10. Wakeboard
Come on...of course this is on the list. A new wakeboard for a wakeboarder.

11. (Bonus) Wakeboard Ballast are perfect for Christmas. Give him all winter to dial in the ballast bags in the wakeboard boat so when summer rolls around the wake will be perfect for your crew.
Why the heck not right?

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