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Liquid Force Truth 12-9
The LF marketing team keeps you warm and fuzzy with the hottest news, info and events in “The Truth”

The U.S. Pro Am…broken arms and broken hearts

Shane sneaks in a 4th place at the U.S. Pro Am in the Florida Key while the Maven ladies pull through a solid performance. It was a great event and awesome to see how many girls are sporting Liquid Force. These girls are pretty impressive…

Did we mention our new rider making a charge to top 10? Stay tuned to find out more.

Mid West Freeze Fest

Our Mid West rep Chris Bank and Mid West team riders are certifiably insane. They have this mind numbing tradition to ride at least 1 day of every month. Chris, the super rep, has been on the road the month of Nov. and waited until the first snowfall Nov. 30th to hit the water. Air temp -15, water -4…Have you seen The Titanic? Iceberg dead ahead! Fortunately no frost bite or injuries have been reported and we scored some inspirational pictures.

Liquid Force wakeboards hit SEMA…the largest auto show in the world

SEMA attracts millions of automotive enthusiast to fabulous Las Vegas. The reason for the chaos is to release new cars, innovative products, and concept vehicles. Where does LF fit into the scene? We teamed with the Outdoor Life Network to help design and outfit the ultimate concept tow rig. It was a huge hit that brought wakeboarding to an unsuspecting
car market.

Century Marine teams up with Gregg Necrason and Kyle Schmidt

Perfect weather, great people and product is the formula for success for Century Marine. Pro LF team riders Gregg Necrason and Kyle Schmidt provided the loyal customers on the water demos for a fun day in the sun. It was a chance to demo your favorite LF gear behind your favorite boat. Be sure to check out for info.

Shane Bonifay…Guiding the masses

It’s that time of year again. The shop employee’s love it...Like clockwork that one guys walks in, gear guide in hand, to rattle off every memorized board spec and exercise his vast knowledge of all that is wake. You may even be that guy and are anxiously waiting that moment of glory. The pages are overflowing with exclusive studio product shots and in depth product knowledge so hit the store or stand by your mail box, the gear guide from WakeBoarding Magazine is hitting soon.

Be sure to check out the Liquid Tunes 2-page spread with in depth product description and WBM endorsement by Matt Hickman, “Thanks to Liquid Tunes cable riding has never been so good…”

Together LF and WakeBoarding Magazine created a special treat for you. Log onto to submit reasons why you are Shane Bonifay’s biggest fan and you will be entered to win a Shane Bonifay pro model.

Style, composure, and class…Keith Lyman officially rocking LF Gear

“Keith is what every team manager is looking for…not only does he ride with a distinct super clean style but he brings a lot more to the table”, stated LF team manager Aaron Grace. Keith is currently rocking the Omega and is looking forward to working with LF on new products and innovations. Look for the Keith to hit the media in full Force.

The Book is finally approved

LF Films, Ben Greenwood, Kyle Schmidt, and Mike McLin created a special Liquid Force approved addition of The Book. Your riding will improve from the in depth instruction and clear concise language. Pick it up at your local shop just in time for Christmas.

Make a wish list with Santa on…Hopefully the Elves will come through next week.

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