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Liquid Force Truth #18
By Liquid Force Marketing

The Ninja Turtles demand a recount…Halloween still haunts us.

Liquid Force Ninja TurtlesLast weeks Costume Contest has “The Ninja Turtles” green in the face. Consisting of Collin Harrington, Shane Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw, and another friend, the Ninjas are threatening a serious beat down if we don’t give them some props for their costumes. Of course they deserve notice…. Here are their awards:

  • Tightest Super Hero Crew
    “The Ninja Turtles” for their creative use of super tight, classic super hero outfits. These Ninja crime fighters are masked and ready to put an end to crimes against wakeboarding. Look for them to hit a lake near you.

  • Bravest Super Hero… Collin Harrington.
    Collin… “The costumes were for 40-60lb kids. I even went downtown in that thing. Everyone else chickened out”.

Ben Greenwood…Rider of the Year. Man it feels good to say that.

Ben Greenwood Alliance CoverWe’ve know for a couple weeks now and like a boiling pot of water the excitement has been building ready to spill over at any minute. The time has come to proudly announce Ben Greenwood is officially Alliance Wakeboard magazines “2005 Rider of the Year”.

When asked about what it means Ben humbly stated, “To me, ever since they (Alliance) have had this award I have strived to meet the criteria. There is no bigger honor that I could have been presented with. To be recognized by people that truly understand my life’s ambitions is ultimately rewarding”.

The “Rider of the Year” article takes you on an inspirational journey from Ben’s roots to the obvious reasons why he was chosen as rider of the year, and a peak into what the future could hold for him. One thing is certain, Liquid Force is proud to have such a great rider and most importantly great person involved not only with our team but simply the sport of wakeboarding.

Kyle Walton…Rookie of the Year.

Every single person that has seen Kyle Walton wakeskate has said, “Who the heck is that kid. He just killed it”. After hanging out with him it was obvious he had to be on the team. He fits the Liquid Force mold perfectly. He’s just happy to ride and motivated by that happiness. He’ll do anything to pursue his dream. Want proof? He frequently hitchhikes to contests and recently moved to Florida to sleep in a tent… just so he could be closer to riding. We love his style and attitude and apparently so do our friends at Alliance Wakeboard magazine. They thought his break-through riding and infectious attitude were enough to earn him the title of “Rookie of the Year”. He followed in fellow LF rider, Phillip Basino’s footsteps by claiming this award. Way to go Kyle…see you on the open road. By the way if you’re driving along and see some kid rocking LF gear and grinning from ear to ear, pull over, pick him up and let the adventure begin.

Michelangelo (the crazy Ninja with the nunchuck skills) takes Video Part of the Year

We were a little surprised that Shane pulled off the Alliance Wakeboard Magazine “Video part of the Year.” Who would have thought a “Ninja Turtle” could have video part of the year. Actually after watching Shane’s section in The Butter Effect we are proud to know that he could make it happen without his green super hero turtle suit. The riding was stealth and smooth like a Ninja. All jokes aside, Shane really deserved this one… in fact…any of his last few parts could have easily been a recipient of this award… Relentless, Encore, and now The Butter Effect… each one of his sections had a style that only Shane could bring to the screen…. We’re stoked for Shane, and stoked that he was finally recognized for his hard work!

And Video of the year goes to…Encore. The crowd goes wild.

Encore DVD Of The YearThere really was no crowd to applause considering this award was released on the pages of Alliance Wakeboard magazine, but we’re pretty sure someone was on their feet cheering when they saw the award. We definitely jumped up and rocked the high fives throughout the office. It was another great award to add to the collection that LF Films has received over the past year. We are very thankful for the respect and acknowledgement for our hard work and are inspired to continue to outdo ourselves in 06’ and beyond. It’s getting near stocking stuffer time… make sure all of your friends and family have a copy of this masterpiece created by Justin and our LF team!

LF Films is at it again, and again, and again…

Justin Stephens emailed us these quick stats while in O-Town from his fancy new blackberry (technology is so trendy right now).

-Justin has filmed over 45 sets of riding in the last week.

-Ben Greenwood landed his “stinky style” poked seven, switch!

-Slow motion camera provides amazing unique footage.

-Josh Letchworth doesn’t like generator exhaust fumes.

-Shawn Watson landed his first 720 since his knee surgery. He’s back and more motivated than ever.

-Amber Wing has been making the most of her Florida trip… apparently she’s killing it!

-Phillip Soven is a wakeboarding machine.

-Henshaw is on a mission.

Motivation is the key for Collin Harrington

Collin Harrington stopped by the office for lunch today full of inspiration and motivation. His recent knee surgery has put everything into perspective. He was cruising along without a noticeable limp and doctors say he is ahead of schedule for a speedy recovery. It was great to hear how excited and focused he is on the year to come. After last years breakthrough performances such as the 720 slider gap in Encore, for example, we’re anxious to see what “more motivated than ever” will bring us. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Melissa Marquardt is officially old…

Well, she’s still not very old, but she’s one year older than she was last year… Happy Birthday Melissa! Hopefully we’ll get some good photos from her birthday bash barbecue to show you all next week.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Stay tuned for a special “Turkey Truth” edition next week.

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