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Big Pond Hooks Up With Malibu
(Albury, Australia)- Known this year as the "BigPond Malibu Series", BigPond, with assistance from Telstra Country Wide®, will support the popular Australian tournament water skiing series and will assist in the growth of the innovative competition series that has developed a huge following since its inception in 2002.

Rather than competitors competing in age groups as well as skill level, as is the case with traditional tournament skiing, the "BigPond Malibu Series" will see competitors of all age groups competing against one another in larger divisions qualified by skill only in Slalom, Tricks and long distance Jump.

"It was this lateral thinking that attracted us to the series initially" said Simon Hill, manager of Sales and Marketing of Malibu Boats of Australia. "There is considerable interest from other states on this concept and there is every chance it could grow into a national competition in the future" Hill added.

Andrew Cottrill of Telstra Country Wide said "With BigPond on board, the series will enjoy more financial support to help with the running of the 6 event series”. Cottril went on to say “BigPond sponsored some waterski events last year, and found the strong emphasis on junior development and participation really suits our style"

The BigPond Malibu Series is towed exclusively by Malibu's tournament stalwart the Response LX. This athletic competition tow boat has set scores of World Records in the past and will provide participants in the series with the greatest chance possible of setting their own records. The series starts at Stoney Park near Pt. MacQuarie November 19th and 20th. It then heads to Canberra, Myuna Bay, Albury, Narranderra and finally returning to Stoney Park.

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