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Liquid Force Truth 10-29
By Don Wallace

LF Truth Photo Gallery

Welcome to another installment of “The Truth”… more LF News than you could ever possibly need…

Let’s start off in the world of TV…

If you’ve never seen Alliance’s show, “PULL,” that airs each Sunday night at 8:30 on FUEL TV be sure and check it out this weekend. This is possibly the best episode ever… OK… we’re a little full of ourselves, but seriously… it’s going to be great! The entire episode is filled with the LF and the life we all live. The shows begins with a behind the scenes look as Jimmy Redmon and Shane Bonifay work from start to finish on Shane’s new pro-model. You’ll not only see the process from start to finish, you’ll also get an insight into how Jimmy Redmon began his career as a shaper and how wakeboarding and LF became a part of his life. After this intro section, the Alliance camera crews followed our team and the LF Films crew to Lake Powell. They came along as we worked to capture images for our 2006 catalog, Clinic DVD, and Team Video. You’ll get an in-depth glimpse into what went down on the 7 days in Powell, as well as the days leading up to it. Finishing off the show is a section on our St. George Rail Jam. Watson, Shane, Melissa, Mike, Colin, Tino, and Schnoodles sessioned a pool gap that Justin’s “homies” built while we were in Lake Powell. It was an amazing Journey that makes for great TV. Be sure to check it out this Sunday at 8:30!

In Int’l team traveling news…

The trip “Down Under” has finally come to an end for our LF Crew. Justin, Tony, Jimmy, Aaron as well as the entire team returned to the US this week and had plenty of stories to tell. From the good times spent in Perth for the Gravity Games, to the LF party hosted by “LF Australia”, to the pool session that followed Worlds, the entire team had a trip of a lifetime. Although the weather didn’t completely cooperate, Justin was able to capture plenty of action and good times. Special thanks goes out to Mick Neville and his “LF Australia” crew, everybody else that was met along the way, as well as Amber Wing for her hospitality and local knowledge the entire time!

Continuing in Int’l travel and team news…

Phillip Soven continued his worldly domination as he took home the Gold in the Singapore Open this past week. Phillip dominated the competition and made it a 3 for 3 on his world tour. He took home the Gold at Gravity Games, Worlds, and the Singapore Open! Nice work Phillip… congrats on an unbelievable season!

Andrea Fountain from New Zealand did well for the LF/Maven team, as well, as she took home her 2nd straight 3rd place finish in as many events. Look for more of Andrea next season on the US tour and other worldwide events.

In US Team happenings…

Fresh off their trip from Australia, the team has been hard at work in Orlando taking advantage of the beautiful weather that’s been hanging over Orlando for the past couple of days. Henshaw, Colin, Shane, Tino and Watson (yep he’s back from injury and riding harder than ever) have all been filming at the Projects for the 06 LF Films video and Josh Letchworth was there to capture all of the action… look for the HOT photos to appear in the finest wake magazines shortly!

In HOT, LF product news…

The most anticipated wakeboard releases in recent history are finally upon us… hot off the presses, the pro-models of Shane and Watson are shipping to wakeboard dealers this week. Look for the Shane 136 and the Watson 138 to be popping up in the finest wake dealers soon! According to Justin and Aaron, Shane was absolutely killing it on his new board while they were in Australia. Watson’s board has been the talk of the team, too, as Watson, Henshaw, and Phillip Combs have all spent ample time on the new ride. Henshaw and Phillip were seen giving Watson high fives after every session… and the occasional hug! Apparently he and Jimmy designed a winner. For a list of local dealers that will have these boards, be sure and check out

In tying the knot news…

Longtime Friend of LF, Corey Marotta of Alliance Multimedia is getting married this weekend in Cabo. Several of the LF crew will be along to enjoy the fun! Rumors of wakeboarding behind a 65’ yacht have been surfacing all week… Wakin’ Cabo Style! Hopefully we’ll have some photos to bring back next week. It’s sure to be a good time. Big Congrats go out to Corey and Dana!

Well…that’s it for now… look for more LF News and Halloween costumes galore in next week’s edition of The Truth!

LF Truth Photo Gallery

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