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TEN-80 Press Release

On the TEN-80 team trip earlier this year (Alliance September 2005.8), we had a great time and learned two things. One, our team is filled with really cool people. Two, our team is even more talented than we originally thought. Joining the adventurous trip were wake film producers Nick VanPatten and team rider Mike VanPatten of Hydrotherapy Films. They documented the trip and put together a team video for you to check out. Featured TEN-80 team riders include Rick Knott, Matt Sims, Tim Keepers, Ryan Anderson, Andrew Dyrhood, Matt Clendinin, Eric Sakowski, and Ryan Lemons. This trip and therefore this video was made possible by Malibu Boats, TNT Watersports, Johnsonville Brats, Red Bull, Alliance Media, and Hydrotherapy Films.

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