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Genetics DVD Has A Golden Ticket
I've got a Golden Ticket! I've got a Golden Smile!

Genetics, the video from the P-Unit is finally out on DVD. Featuring: Pat, Rob, Ryan, B.T., Scott, Ben, Ryogi, Mavery, Keith, and over 15 quality bonus sections. The first batch of DVDs sold out in the first week! This left us all empty handed for another week or two until the second batch could be duplicated and arrive.

One fortunate young lad or lass will likely be delighted with the purchase of Genetics when to their surprise they find they have received "The Golden Ticket." Yes that is right, one copy of Genetics contains a "Golden Ticket" inside of the case. The person who gets this golden ticket wins: a one week stay at The Projects wakeboard camp, a box of Sessions clothing, a Hyperlite Roam board and bindings, a 3 year subscription to Wakeboarding Magazine, and the entire Sidewayz library on DVD (Wake the Beast, High Wake Drifters, Switch, Switch 22, Six Pack, Hype, 12 Honkeys, Natural Born Thrillaz, Depth Charge, All or Nothing, Black List, Welcome, Retrospect, Fill in the Blanks, and Such is Life).

This is what the one and only Golden Ticket looks like:

Golden Ticket

Good luck Charlie and be good because you never know if this is just a big facade to find the heir to the Projects.

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