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Maeghan Major Lands Skeezer At X Games
Maeghan Major

Photo: Josh Letchworth

Los Angeles, CA – Although the final results are certainly not what the former X-Games gold medalist had hoped for; women’s wakeboarding took a progressive step forward thanks to yet another new trick landed by Maeghan Major. During Saturday’s semi finals Maeghan became the first female athlete to land a “Skeezer” or “switch crow mobe”, a trick that until now has been only thrown and landed by men in competition. ESPN color commentator Jeff Barton was so impressed he stated “thanks to Maeghan all the girls will now have to learn blind rotation and true handle pass mobes if they want to see the podium”.

Already credited with pushing the women’s end of wakeboarding by bringing new and progressive tricks to competition like the “tootsie roll” and “tantrum to blind” Maeghan has long sought to differentiate herself from the other female competitors.

“My focus has changed over the last couple of years, sure I still want to win every contest I enter; however, I think it is important to show the fans that your run is progressing…you know show them something new and different. Unfortunately some of the top girls are still doing the same runs year in and year out, that just makes the events stale and boring. I think to be truly the best in any endeavor you need to take chances and push yourself that way there is a true entertainment value to sponsors and fans alike.”

During Saturday’s televised finals Maeghan was unable to complete the newest additions to her trick run due to a miscommunication between the judges and two of the final four athletes including Major, relegating her to a disappointing fourth overall. “It was great to land the “switch crow mobe” here at X-Games; there is no bigger contest so I like to bring something new each time. I am disappointed with how the finals turned out but I’ll be back next year!”

Maeghan Major is a two time World Champion as well as women’s overall winner of the Gravity Games, the X-Games and the Masters. Maeghan is the owner of Trinity BoardShop as well as her own wakeboard school. Maeghan is available for private or group instruction.

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