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WAKEtv Issue #11 Review
For those of you unfamiliar with WAKEtv it is a monthly wakeboarding video series produced by Lakefront Productions in Florida. WAKEtv travels the country all year round covering wakeboarding events, competitions, and filming riders from all over. This is issue #11 of WAKEtv, and it's one of the best yet.

Included in this issue is footage of Louisiana Spring Fling 2001, MidWest Board Fest, Performance Ski & Surf's Ride and Slide Competition from the Projects, the High Point Pro Tour Stop highlights, and other forms of wakeboarding insanity.


WAKEtv continues to deliver on their promise of bringing you great wakeboarding footage from all over that you don't see elsewhere, and bringing that footage to you quickly. Issue #11 specifically features riders from all over the country that you won't see elsewhere, while also providing in-depth footage of various grassroots wakeboarding events around the country.


The cinematography in WAKEtv Issue #11 is up to the same standard WAKEtv has created for itself all along. Through the course of its eleven editions, WAKEtv has evolved with every issue. The quality of the vido increases with every release and this issue is no exception.


WAKEtv continues to win the length award when it comes to wakeboarding videos. Each issue runs 60 mins and Issue #11 holds true to that as well, bringing you as much wakeboarding as you can handle in one sitting.


The music in Issue #11 is some of the most diverse music that has been heard on WAKEtv. The video kicks off with issue highlights choreographed to Man Down's "I Would Fly Around." Throughout the course of the video, grassroots bands and musical acts, like Star Platinum at the MidWest Board Fest, are featured and keep the energy alive throughout the video.


LSF 2001 - Issue #11 kicks off with highlights from the 2001 Louisiana Spring Fling in Monroe, LA. Tiffany Landry gives some insight into the Womens' Boat at LSF 2001 and rippers like Robert Southworth, Christy Smith, Jeremy Baker, Chad Reese, & Andrew Adkinson show the viewer what LSF riding is all about. The riding in this section is highlighted by some amazing doubles riding by Reese and Adkinson.

The Wakeboard Camping Grand Re-Opening - PJ Marks gives a quick tour of his newly finished facility down in Clermont, FL. The new digs at TWC look roomy and accomodating. The sliders that the crew down there has acquired are just insane.

Innerlight Team - We leave the party and go back out onto the water to watch these guys throw some big tricks. Along with the smooth ability behind the boat, Joey Northup shows some gnarly skills with a fingerboard.

MidWest Board Fest - Ronnie Romero of gives us a first hand look at this inaugural event. Romero, Shawn Keeler, Dustin Paulsen, Clayton Nielson, Chase Powers, Reid Tamisiea, and Tyson Chamberlain prove that the Midwest is not hurting for quality riders. The bands that played at this event were very impressive as well.

Ride & Slide - Bill Porter brings Performance Ski & Surf's Ride and Slide Series to the Projects where Pat Panakas has set up a great slider park. Some familiar faces like JD Webb, Tadpole and Froggy Soven, Scott Hardwood, and Robin Friday put all this hardware to good use with some great riding. There was also some amazing wakeskating in this section.

High Point Tour Stop - The Pro Tour went back to High Point, NC this summer and there was no lack of excitement. Footage was shown of almost all divisions and was hightlighted by some great slaughterbox jibbing and spills.

Wipeouts - The video approaches it's close with a big wipeouts section, which always proves to be very entertaining.

Jocko's New Scar - Jocko gives us a first hand look at how Wes Brisco used the WAKEtv cameras as an object to bonk.


WAKEtv Issue #11 is strong due to the LSF and MidWest Board Fest highlights, as well as the Ride & Slide highlights. The Featured Riders sections also prove that WAKEtv is proving successful in its search of some of wakeboarding's greatest undiscovered talent. It's a solid progression in the WAKEtv saga, earning it 4 out of 5 stars.

If you aren't a subscriber yet, we recommend you order WAKEtv, go to WAKEtv's Website to do so.

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