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Liquid Force Encore DVD Trailer
Liquid Force Films has just released a new DVD called "Encore". However, it's only partly new. It's a remake of the incredible team film Relentless that came out last fall, with the addition of a 60 page book loaded with extras about the making of the films, as well as new footage of new Liquid Force Team riders.

DVD Highlights

  • Cancun trip with Tino, Shane, Phillip, and Colin.

  • New Sliders utilizing the LF Pool - Shane, Shawn, Tino, Henshaw, Colin, Ben, all of the team is ripping on these rails.

  • New sections for the top team riders utilizing unused footage from Relentless, and new footage.

  • Interviews of the team

  • Behind the scenes, the making of Relentless.

    Featured Riders

  • Original Team Liquid Force

  • New Team riders: Phillip Basino, Amber Wing, Tino Santori

    The DVD is now available to order from, and you can also view the trailer now.

  • View the Encore Trailer

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