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TSR Tri-X Day One Results
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New Braunfels, TX - Day one of three is in the books for the second annual TSR Junior Tri-X. With Preliminaries finished in 4 of 6 events, the field is getting widdled down. The Junior Tri-X is a complete action sport event in wich athletes must choose 3 of 6 action sports: Wakeboard, Mini MotoCross, Kayak, RockClimb, WakeSkate or Skateboard. Athletes who win each of the six events will get a bonus of $100. However the real prize money is in the overall title. $5900 will be spread out through the top 8 place finishers. Add in the Red Bull seventh element, which carries a prize of $1000 and athletes will be taking home $7500 in prizes.

The first day Austin Hair is sitting in the best position as the top seed in both wakeskate and wakeboard going into the finals. For Austinís third event, he has chosen rock climbing, an event hat he won at last years Tri-X. Other athletes to watch are Savannah Barber: the fields only female, Rob Jaques: last years overall champion and finalist in three events & Bryan Hutton, first time competitor who is seeded second in both kayak and wakeboard.

The finals will prove to be much more competitive as athletes will compete head to head at the same time to move on to the next round in half of the six events. After the finals have been completed, every athlete will compete in the Red Bull 7th Element, a mystery event that the riders will learn about Sunday morning. The only thing that has been revealed is that it will be grueling and test each of their physical strength and tenacity.

Cable Wakeskate
3 from each advance

Heat 1:
1 Savanah Barber
2 Ben Kaiser
3 Darren Mckinley
4 Nathan Kneuper
5 Dustin Shows
6 Bryan Hutton

Heat 2:
1 Logan Ferris
2 Mike Vestal
3 Rob Jaques
4 Tyler German
5 Hank Carter
6 Witt Finley

Heat 3:
1 Austin Hair
2 Jay Prock
3 Chris Jordan
4 Collin Gee
5 Justin Doornbos
6 James Sullivan

Boat Wakeboard
3 from each advance

Heat 1:
1 Austin Hair
2 Ryan Anderson
3 Justin Doornbos
4 Justin Troth
5 Tyler German

Heat 2:
1 Dustin Shows
2 Logan Ferris
3 Daniel Wladen
4 Ben Kaiser
5 Witt Finley
6 Michael Troth

Heat 3:
1 Bryan Hutton
2 Rob Jaques
3 Jay Prock
4 Hank Carter
5 James Sullivan


1 Nathan Kneuper
2 Bryan Hutten
3 Michael Troth
4 Rob Jaques
5 Ryan Anderson
6 Hank Carter
7 Mike Vestal
8 Daniel Walden

9 Cameron Kallies
10 Chris Jordan
11 Max Bialick
12 Forrest Hess

1 Darren McKinley
2 Mike Vestal
3 Chris Jordan
4 Savanah Barber

5 Max Bialick
6 Forrest Hess
7 James Sullivan

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