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Wave Theory: Don't Mess with Texas!
The previous movie that these guys from Texas made was called Who Knows. It was one of the better regional wakeboarding films that we've seen in a while. Wave Theory looks to be even better than the last one.

The riding in it is sick, the film quality has been up'd a notch, and the music in it is the kind where…well, lets just say you’re not gonna fall asleep during this one. The overall feel you'll get from Wave Theory is the kind where your heart starts pumping, your adrenaline starts running, and you just get stoked to go ride and kill it.

This movie shows off the skills of Richie McKee, Gabe Lucas, Brian Sasser, Scot Leverett, Joey Bradley, Duston Swafford, Chris Ramirez, Hank Carter, Justin Kiefer, Jack Scanio, Billy North, Joey Arcisz, Billy Garcia and more. Hey! Don’t mess with Texas!

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