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Wakeboarding News Adds User Blogs
In an effort to further grow the outstanding community that makes up, we've now added the ability for users to create their own blogs within the Forums.

First, if you don't know what a blog is, A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). (Source: Wikipedia)

Usually blogs are written by one or more people, and usually focus on a certain topic or combine a topic with someone's personal thoughts and experiences.

So, this is an opportunity for wakeboarders to have their own blogs for friends, fellow Wakeboarder.Commers, and anyone else to read and enjoy.

What could you do with a blog on

  • Talk about your wakeboarding experiences
  • Talk about your personal life
  • Post your favorite wakeboarding photos
  • Link off to interesting articles, sites, or news.

    How can you get started?

    1. You must have an account in the Forums.

    2. Once you have an account, click the My Blog link in the forums navigation to create your own blog.

    3. Choose the settings and style for your blog, then create a post and get blogging!

    Alternatively, you can also just read and enjoy the over 40 blogs that were created in the first day!

  • Read the Blogs

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