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Liquid Force Continues To Help Women's Wakeboarding
Liquid Force continues to increase its commitment to developing and growing women’s wakeboarding. Besides designing and building more women’s specific products than any other wake brand, LF is continuing to do all it can to teach the sport to the female masses across the globe.

As part of this effort, Liquid Force has joined the Mission 2 Ride Tour, headed up by Ryan Wolf and friends. M2R is hosting a number of Op Girls Learn to Ride clinics and continues to spread the invitation to all women and girls to get out and learn to ride!

Op Girls Learn to Ride is an incredible organization that has offered women and girls an excellent platform to try new sports, improve their skills in these sports and meet other women who love to ride as much as they do. Mark Sperling, founder of Op Girls Learn to Ride, thought of the idea six years ago while he was trying to teach his girlfriend how to surf and snowboard. In the 6 years since, Mark has built up a program that holds 200 events in seven different action sports throughout the US. It is currently the largest program of its kind in the world. Says Sperling… “The number of women participating in wakeboarding continues to grow each year. Because of this, Op Girls Learn to Ride has continually doubled its number of clinics each year to meet their needs”.

Tony Finn, founder of LF, had the following to say when asked about LF’s increased involvement in the women’s side of the sport… “We’re so impressed with the level of riding that our women have been accomplishing and we want to bring that dedication to women all over the world. Melissa, Amber and Stef work hard at what they do and their passion to spread that love for the sport is inspiring. We hope to relay a message of their passion to women and girls everywhere. We are dedicated making the sport more accessible to women, and to create the best women’s equipment in the industry.”

Melissa Marquardt, Amber Wing and Stef Tor will be stretching their time and energy this summer, traveling to as many women’s events as they can get to. Op Girls Learn to Ride has created a great avenue for them to be a part of someone’s first time on the water or meet a long-time fan and offer a few pointers. The women and girls who come out to these events are “constant sources of inspiration to us”, said Stef Tor. “We all started somewhere and it’s cool to see that excitement in all these girl’s faces, no matter what level they’re at. I just got a 10 yr old girl, Louisa, up on a wakeskate for her first time and it was the best moment of my week! Get out here and wakeskate ladies!”

Details about the Op events can be found at For more info on what the LF Girls have been up to, be sure to check out

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