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Reef has always blended the cool and casual attitude of the beach with a commitment to nurturing the lifestyle that follows. Our Reef sandal brand is further defined by the elite class of athletes that represent Reef flip flops around the world, as well as our loyal base of Reef sandal aficionados who identify with our unique blend of surf, sensuality and irreverent sensibility. At the core of the Reef sandal brand are authentic, stylish and comfort designed products that have been worn by millions of Reefers around the world since the company originated in 1984.

Reef's twenty year heritage traces back to two brothers from Argentina, who acted on a simple idea to create a high quality, active lifestyle sandal. From this once modest beginning, the Reef brand has grown to be one of the largest sandal manufacturers in the world, and has now evolved into a full fledged reef apparel brand.

Reef teamed with Scott Byerly to create the original Byerly Wakeskate shoe. The Reef shoe was one of the most popular shoe for wakeskating. A long awaited redesign of the Byerly has produced the Byerly 2 Wakeskate shoe. New colors, new style and a hidden bottle opener have made the Byerly 2 a best seller.

Reef also has an updated line of casual wear shoes. These Reef shoes come in various styles and colors for off the water wear. Following along with the Reef bottle opener design..Reef introduced the Mick. Mick Fannings signature shoe with the church key bottle opener.

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