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In the 1950's, Jack opened his first surf shop in a garage across the Great Highway in San Francisco, a sand dune away from his favorite bodysurfing break. There he sold his first wetsuits, a few vests he made from gluing together pieces of closed cell foam. From that very garage Jack expanded the average surfer's playground from Steamer Lane to J-Bay, and from Antarctica to those fun reef breaks off the coast of Iceland. Thanks to Jack O'Neill, "It's always summer on the inside."

Since then, O'Neill has made countless improvements to the design and quality of the wetsuit. From the introduction of the zigzag stitch to the names Jack originated which became generic, (i.e. spring suit, long john, short john, etc.). But accomplishments are nothing new to the O'Neill family. Jack was always a man of firsts, responsible for creating the modern-day surf shop. While guys like Dale Velzy and Hobie Alter had shops down south, they only sold boards.

From this beginning Oneill has grown into a clothing company that features some of the most technical boardshorts in the industry. The Oneill Superfreak is a super technical and cool boardshort that has been a top seller every year. Many of the Oneill Superfreak features have been incorporated into many of the Oneill boardshort styles offered today. Style, function and Oneill cool make the Oneill clothing line one of the best in the industry.

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