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It is friends, commitment, drive, risk, fear, solid wooden decks, bills, funerals, skateboarding, cement ditches, banked walls, zero balances, wakeskating, hot humid days, sweat, saultry hot lake water, deep concave, disagreements, arguements, compromises, respect, sacrifices, crappy jobs, overtime, roadtrips, griesel vans, vegetable oil grease traps, old boats, jet skis, pool gaps, backyards, tennis racquet gripped handles ,frayed ropes ,duct tape ,tofu, marine glue, cheese pizza, team riders, new friends, old friends, past mistakes, no regrets, grip tape, snowboarding, kinked handrails, 60 ft. tabletops, wallrides, funboxes, good, evil, disappointment, love, hate, art, music, death, freedom, self-expression, loyalty,dedication. This is OAK Wakeskates. Oak Wakeskates has a great line of concave skates. Marine glued and sealed Canadian maple make these Oak Wakeskates very strong and durable.

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