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Wakeboard Design. Wakeboard Innovation. Liquid Force. The brainchild of master designer Jimmy Redmon and wakeboarding icon Tony Finn produces shapes each year which tend to deviate from industry standards. Liquid Force is creating some of the best wakeboard bindings in the industry. The Liquid Force binding has added new features such as the FAST system. And new for 2006 the Pro plate was introduced in the Liquid Force Watson binding and the Liquid Force Shane binding. The Shane binding for 2006 featured a closed toe design. Liquid Force bindings also featured limited edition versions of the most popular binding styles.

A strong pro team that is constantly involved in the design process helps come up with bindings such as the Liquid Force Alpha, Liquid Force Transit, Liquid Force Sphynx, Liquid Force Watson, Liquid Force Shane, Liquid Force Minx, Liquid Force Fusion, Liquid Force Element and the Liquid Force Ultra Sux..

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