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It is really a simple and complete truth that many would choose to deny. The truth is, nothing is constant but everything is constantly changing. All things that appear permanent are actually always converting. That is why the only true permanence is conversion. This concept has been embraced by the Jetpilot team and we have translated it into many aspects of our company. From our product line down to the details of how we ride. It is basically progression. Replacing the past with the present and what is now. Changing the mentality of those who believe that constant means "same" or that it is a truth to comfortably grasp. Jetpilot is currently on a path of conversion, a path of progression, a path that embraces change, a path that seekes new ways to innovate our products and better our riding experiences.

Our employees and pro & amature team riders would specifically like to thank everyone involved. We look forward to the future with a new and fresh outlook that embodies continual and permanent progression, change and conversion. Thanks again and have fun riding! For Riders * By Riders *D.F.T.C.*

Jetpilot boardshorts and Jetpilot rideshorts have all the technical features you need in a boardshort but have all the style that you want. The Jetpilot Crown Jewel features a flex-lite inner neoprene and was the first in a series of rideshorts. Jetpilot has continued the rideshort line by adding new styles. Check out the rideshorts if you need a little extra protection from your boardshorts. Jetpilot also has a lineup of regular boardshorts that have all the style that Shane Bonifay needs in a boardshort. Jetpilot has continued to increase the style and features of all their clothing products.

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