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Surfer, Hunter Joslin, with more than 40 years of surfing experience, developed the Indo Board Balance Trainer over a 30 year span beginning with the first proto-type in 1975. Originally designed to train surfers out of the water, Mr. Joslin discovered from his growing cadre of loyal Indo Board fans that the apparatus was much more than a surfing simulator. Users reported increased leg strength and core fitness while experiencing a high degree of entertainment when using the Indo Board. In 1998, Mr. Joslin decided to market the Indo Board commercially, developing the Indo Board brand, company website, distribution and marketing channels, and presenting the Indo Board product line at trade shows for surfing, outdoor life styles, snowboarding, fitness, and physical education. Indo Board Balance Trainer officially entered the business world in September 1998 with its introduction at the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

From its humble beginnings in a spare bedroom in Melbourne Beach, Florida, to the eventual move into our new office and warehouse in 2005, Indo Board Balance Trainer has stayed true to its commitment of quality and customer service. Today, Indo Board is the most recognized brand in balance board trainers and offers one of the most extensive lines of top notch balance board training products on the market with distribution spanning the world.

Indo Board will continue refining and expanding its product line, create new and innovative balance training products, and most important of all, continue keeping exercise fun and challenging. Use a balance board to exercise, use it for fun, use it for boardsport training or use it to increase your balance.

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