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For high performance wakesurfing, Hyperlite wake surfboards have everything you need for slashing the wake or just hanging loose.

The Coex wakesurf board is the smallest performer that has a stomp pad and a concave shape for more board control. Whether a rider is coming out of a bottom turn or snapping off the wake for a frontside air, the Coex wakesurfer is built for performance. The Coex wakesurfer features a rolled edge that starts softer and thicker at the tip. This gives the rider more of a surfy feel. Toward the tail, the edge rolls to a sharper traditional wakesurf rail for added response. Even with its small stature, the Coex wakesurfer can still be surfed by bigger riders because it sits higher in the water than most other decks. Brian Grubb, Erik Ruck and Scott Byerly designed this short board with wakeskate maneuverability.

The Broadcast wakesurf boards are crafted with more of a traditional wakeboard rail for a deeper ride in the water. They are preferred by riders that want to surf the way they wakeboard. They offer quicker reacting, harder edging with more of a centered weight distribution for a knifing style of bottom turn. Broadcast wakesurf boards are available in two sizes with a fast rocker prepared for the endless summer.

Our third design of the Landlock wakesurfer is geared for riders taking a slash for the first time, bigger riders, or just the toes on the nose mellower transitioned, tail-heavy session. This fresh water creation features our softest/thickest rail with a concave top deck for that forgiving, laid-back soul turn.

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