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Proline has entered the world of carbon wakeboard handles with the most innovative wakeboard handle shape in the industry. Proline has come out with the Delta and Militia ultra-light carbon wakeboard handles. They are both 17" in size featuring Proline’s Reverse Radius Patent Pending technology. The shape of the handle actually fits to the shape of your back, to help make passing the handle easier. The grip of the wakeboard handle is continued around the sides of the handle to help you make those difficult handle pass tricks. The new Proline carbon wakeboard handles also feature a replaceable grip. The replacement grip can be used to customize the thickness of the handle or replace a worn handle. If you want a handle that is going to help improve your riding and feels as light as a feather check out the Delta and Militia from Proline.

The LG1 is the newest innovation in wakeboard handles. After the past year of development and testing Proline is finally ready to unveil the LG (Leather Grip) Series wakeboard handles. The LG wakeboard handles feature a chamois cloth style grip that offers extreme comfort, while still having a tacky grip when wet. The LG grip is the most innovative and effective grip to hit the wakeboarding industry in years. This handle will change the way you feel on the water. The LG is a must have handle for your boat next year, just ask any CWB pro team member.

Proline has come out with a series of killer new wakeboard ropes to match up with our innovative new wakeboard handles. The 80 ft Flake mainline is leading way in our new coated series wakeboard ropes and with its added length you will be able to take all of your tricks huge into the flats. The Flake is an ultra-thin, coated Dyneema, 4 section mainline. This silver colored mainline is in-layed with a metal-flake like a stop sign. You can't miss the reflectiveness of this mainline when you're on the lake. The AK series wakeboard ropes are coated, Dyneema, 4-section mainlines, which come in three translucent colors (blue, green, red) to help you match the rest of your set up. Just like the Flake series these mainlines are all 80 feet to give you all the extra length you'll need. This ultra-thin, super strong, and extra durable Dyneema mainline will be a must have for your boat this year.

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