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From the same company who gives you the high quality Hyperlite boards and bindings comes Accurate wakeboard ropes and handles. Top of the line products with testing done by the Hyperlite pro riders ensures that these products will serve you well.

Accurate features carbon wakeboard handles used by Hyperlite team riders. From the Zero G carbon wakeboard handle, Catalyst carbon wakeboard handle, Regiment Carbon wakeboard handle, and the Lucid carbon wakeboard handle. Accurate also has a full line of non-carbon handles. The Murray, Premier, Vivid, Era, Byerly wakeboard handle, and the Exodus.

Accurate mainlines come in basic to the super techical. The A-line is the most advanced tangle free, snag resistant mainline to hit the lake. The A-line wakeboard rope features a stiff 12-strand braided Dyneema core, Urethane cable-coating over the core, 80 ft mainline, Three 5ft take off extensions with a total of 85ft. The Jacket series is often imitated, stiff, tangle free wake mainline that features closed cell neoprene inner core - floats like a cork, 100% linear Spectra outer core, Spectra Fusion outer jacket, Unparalleled abrasion and U.V. resistance, Ultimate high-end, 70' with four 5' loops. Accurate also has the Fuse, Regiment, and the X-line.

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