Just wait until next week. These guys will blow your mind. I remember when these guys first came out and some industry people called their riding irresponsible. I knew they were going to change wake riding. They are still doing what they want. The way they want. Good for you Shredtown crew.

Welcome to the Shredtown Jamboree

The crew has arrived and the gates have been closed. Let the festivities of the Shredtown Jamboree begin... Thanks to our Sponsors: Rockstar Energy, Slingshot…

Ha! More 2015 Hyperlite in stock.

On May 1, 2015, in Boardstop Facebook, by Boardstop.com
Ha! More 2015 Hyperlite in stock.

Wouldn't you like to spend some time in Cancun watching these riders?

2015 Malibu Cancun Pro Day2 Highlights

This is "2015 Malibu Cancun Pro Day2 Highlights" by World Wakeboard Association on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
The only thing stopping you from throwing down tricks like these is not having your own phase5

Next level wakesurfing from John Akerman. He has really taking his riding to new heights recently! #phase5wakesurfers #ridephase5 #ridep5 #wakesurfing #wakesurf @jaakerman
I like this. I bet if I tried this I would make it 1/3 of the way and sink. but Austin Keen makes it look easy. I would love to see someone do this on lake Austin at the 360 bridge. I'd pay $50 bucks to see that happen.

Gone Ropeless - Drone View of Hijacking A Boat Wake

While filming the 2015 Supreme Wake Surfing Championships in Parker, AZ with our drone crew, we were able to capture Austin Keen do his beach to wake trick. ...
Second cool thing from Steel Lafferty in the past week.

Well, here is something no one else should ever try... The quick boat drive by wake surf pick up. Driven by a professional driver! @gordonharrison @danielpowers @mcboatcompany @redbull @gopro !
Some really good riding from this 11 year old from Russia.

Wakeboarding, 9 day pass in Sliders Cable Park, El Gouna spring 2015 FEDINA ANNA

I Fedina Anna. I am 11 years old. I'm from Russia, Moscow. Ride a wakeboard 3 years. First time in Sliders Cable Park. Find me on Facebook: facebook.com/page...
Wow... that was crazy.. See what the Phase 5 Wakesurfers can do! First time on a wakesurfer for this cat.... :) OK so maybe he has been riding for a few.

Here is the clip from the picture I posted a couple weeks back. So the answer is yes I did land it! So much fun learning new tricks on new boards.
New Ralph Signature billabong wake vests now in stock.

Billabong Ralph Derome Signature Comp Vest - BoardStop.com
The signature Billabong Ralph Derome vest is a front zip, 4 way stretch vest that gives you all the flex you need when riding.
Even a wakecation must end. Catch the final episode.

Wakecation Episode 5 - Final Episode - Wakeboarder.com Wakeboarding News
Our Panama Wakecation is coming to an end Wednesday. Episode 5, the final episode of the Wakecation: Panama series, wraps up with an exploration of Panamas Caribbean coast. During their scouting, Parks, Steel and Grubb find a shore break to session on. They hike in a cable winch and jet ski to ride…