Some sneak peeks of newly arrived 2015 Phase 5 boards: the Model X 58" and The Wire 57".


Boardstop Black Friday All Week Long!

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Boardstop Black Friday All Week Long!

2014 Black Friday
Black Friday all week long!
New 2015 Phase 5 Wire 57" and Model X 58" wakesurf boards in stock. More Phase 5 to come.

Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards -
All of our Phase 5 wakesurf boards are handmade in Venice, Florida. We take pride in the fact that every Phase 5 Wakesurf board we make passes through the hands of some of the most skilled and meticulous people in the industry. Every stage of the build process is done to meet an extremely high stand…
Hey y'all, winter is coming which dually means Christmas is fast approaching, so don't wait 'til the last minute to start searching for gifts! Take advantage of Boardstop's close-out prices for the end of the year. Can't come up with any ideas for Christmas presents? No problem! We've got you covered with a wide selection of pro boards and wakesurfs, as well as ballast bags, bindings, vests, brand name gear and attire, DVDs, sandals, decals and much more! Facebook message us and we'll send you a pre-Black Friday coupon so you can start shopping now and have a smooth and successful Christmas!

A good watch. Maybe when you find yourself at a point of frustration with anything you are doing. A step back might give you some clarity on moving forward???

Past, Present, and Future – Aaron Reed and Wakeskating
Aaron Reed, once known as the outspoken wakeskater with the outrageous/hilarious/infamous attitude has mellowed somewhat in recent years; but his passion is still there, still burning, and still signature Reed. Take a reflective look into the past, present, and future of wakeskating with Reed while…
Code 55 boots; high end Ronix boots featuring the firm and responsive Intuition+ liner, enabling riders to get the most control over the wake via truly customizable orthotic liners. These and other premium wakeboard bindings are now one sale for Boardstop's End of Season Sale. See what you may have missed out on this year!'s Facebook Wall 2014-11-04 09:30:07

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Shredtown's "Under Construction" - Video - Wakeboarding News
"Fresh off the success of their first full length film Drop the Gun, the Shredtown crew is at it again building some of the most innovative setups the sport of wakeboarding has seen. Look out for some of the most creative lines and new approaches to rail riding in "Under Construction" featuring Andr…'s Facebook Wall 2014-10-30 21:04:21

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The Off Season - Wakeboarding News
Since Worlds has been over, I've spent my time riding Supra's SE550 every day with coach Trevor Hansen. Here's a few new tricks I've learned in the first month of the off season. Enjoy
I've always liked the look of these sleek Preston boots and the "Gemstone" William board from Ronix. Loving the blue/black radness.

We just added some boardshorts to the 'Clearance' section. Boardshorts make great Christmas presents :)

Clothing/Accessories Clearance -
Boardstop sells Wakeboards and Wakeboard products, wakeboard bindings, Wakeskates, Wakesurf Boards, Life Vests, Malibu/Axis racks, wake ballast, and Wakeboard Packages. Boardstop is an authorized dealer for Ronix Wakeboards, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Liquid Force Wakeboards, CWB Wakeboards, Byerly Wakeb…