2014 Cancun Pro: Finals Recap

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Cancun, MEXICO (Oct. 5, 2014) – Competitive wakeboarding took a big step forward today as the WWA Cancun Pro concluded in Puerto Cancun, Mexico with Phil Soven and Dallas Friday riding to victory behind the Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV.

With a format encouraging progressive riding, Pro Men were allowed a double up to finish their runs in the semis and finals. History was made as Japan’s Shota Tezuka boosted off his double up and landed a heelside frontside 1080 for the first time ever in competition. “It all happened so fast.” Tezuka said with a smile. “All of a sudden I was riding away thinking to myself, ‘I still have the handle!’”

Soven battled through with an aggravated bicep injury sustained in the semis, and put together two flawless passes, stamped by a switch toeside nosegrab crow mobe 720 off the double up. “The wake was great today and I was stoked to get a chance to throw the crow 7.” Soven said. “I was battling through some pain but got it done and I had a great time at this contest! Everything Malibu does is first-class and this event was no exception.”

Malibu’s official towboat driver and pro team athlete, Brian Grubb commented on the boat’s performance today. “We were running in a unique, saltwater environment, so the wake had a nice feel and Malibu’s Saltwater Resistance Package delivered. The new Lift feature on the Power Wedge II got the boat on plane really fast, which was key while dealing with a tight course.”

After the awards ceremony on site, the WWA 25th anniversary celebration kicked off at the ME Melia Resort, recognizing the sport’s founding fathers and the incredible achievements of wakeboarding’s sanctioning body. After the past was honored, Malibu Boats CEO Jack Springer made an exciting announcement for 2015, which will be released to the public on Monday, October 6.

Stay tuned to thewwa.com and malibuboats.com/news for the highlight video coming soon.

All photos by: Chris Garrison

Pro Men Finals:

1.)  Phil Soven

2.)  Raph Derome

3.)  Rusty Malinoski

4.)  Shota Tezuka

5.)  Austin Hair

6.)  Tony Carroll


Pro Women Finals:

1.)  Dallas Friday

2.)  Meagan Ethell

3.)  Bec Gange

4.)  Tarah Mikacich

5.)  Melissa Marquardt

6.)  Amber Wing



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