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Method Grab
The Method grab is a classic boardsports trick that is very popular in skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. It's a grab that's fairly easy to do, and is easy to add your own style to.

Before trying the Method grab you should be able to do the following things:
1. jump wake to wake well
2. be able to grab the board in the air

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as a movie (207k).

Method Grab #1 Cut outside of the wake far enough so that you'll clear the wake when you jump, and progressively edge in to the wake with your weight even on both feet and the handle in to your hips.
Method Grab #2 Edge through the wake standing tall while keeping the rope tight against your body for maximum pop off of the wake.
Method Grab #3 While at the maximum of your air, let go of the handle with your front hand and grab the heel edge of your board with your front hand. Grab it solid, don't slap it. For style, poke your back leg or tweak out your grab.
Method Grab #4 As you're about to land release the grab and spot your landing. Make sure to bend your knees and stick it clean.

Style additions
1. Learn it switch
2. Poke your back leg in the direction you are going while bringing the front of the board closer to you.
3. Grab in different spots along the heel edge.
4. Bring the board up high by sucking in your legs.
5. Add in another grab if you have good hang time.

Moving On
The Method grab helps you do the following harder tricks:
1. Method 180
2. Method 360
3. Method Backside 180
4. Hoochie Glide

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum.

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