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Ronix - 2014 Hover Board Sintered 42" - Shark Tank

Ronix - 2014 Hover Board Sintered 42Ronix - 2014 Hover Board Sintered 42
Product Description 2014 Hover Board Sintered 42" - Shark Tank

A high-end single level concave/kicktail skate ready to take on any obstacles built with a bulletproof exterior. Complete with our compression molded technology and most durable Sintered Base, and a marine sealant covering the top laminates. A similar weight to Reed’s bi-level, (don’t be scared - weight is a beautiful thing) and a more abrupt rocker line - for a rider that wants the most explosive skate that doesn't get floaty when in air. Handcrafted with our exclusive secret concoction of the finest CNC machined woods for a snappy ollie out of the water. A 360 shove, back lipping A-frame special ready for the park. This aquatic gliding device is a tribute to a cinematic legend that was Chrissie Watkins - if you only you could ski with rear view mirrors.

Product Features:

  • Concave – starts in the center of the board and then tapers to the ends for a more controllable flip
  • Late Arc Rocker – for the rider that wants to make every transfer feel like a double up
  • Compression Molding – the most durable wood skate out there
  • Sintered Base - rail approved
  • ABS sidewall - reducing the chances of delams and side impacts can't do Krypto Cable - just trust us
  • The poppiest wood we have ever tested
  • 2 - .8" wakeskate fins

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