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Ronix - 2014 Krush 134 Wakeboard - Black/Shocking Pink

Ronix - 2014 Krush 134 Wakeboard - Black/Shocking PinkRonix - 2014 Krush 134 Wakeboard - Black/Shocking Pink
Product Description 2014 Krush 134 Wakeboard - Black/Shocking Pink:

A flawless design that understands the relationship you have with the boat and momentum. The Krush wakeboard recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, and takes this into consideration with the design of the rocker, and fin shape/placement and sharper profile. This allows the rider to point the wakeboard with maximum grip to the wake without requiring excessive attack angle. Who said asymmetrical was only for entry level riders? Many contests have been won on the WWA Nationals and Worlds - a series with no limits takes features from several wakeboards in Ronix's line. The Krush wakeboard is a platform to develop your riding style without any restrictions, fabricated with a unconventional Secret Flex layup offering more contact with water and softer controlled landings.


  • Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water creating additional grip from this sharp profile
  • Toeside fins are deeper, longer and closer to the rail for a strong/stable edge hold
  • Heelside rail starts off softer/fuller for a mellower transition, then blends to a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water
  • Heelside fins are shorter and further from the rail for a quicker release on spinning tricks
  • 4 molded asymmetric fins shape track true in a straight line, but break free easier with more float in a side slide position
  • Wider profile creates a bigger sweet spot riding in any water condition
  • 2 fiberglass 1.7" fins
  • Designed by Mike Ferraro and our development team

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