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CTRL - 2013 The Hustle 141 Finless w/White Hustle Wakeboard Package

CTRL - 2013 The Hustle 141 Finless w/White Hustle Wakeboard Package
Product Description 2013 The Hustle 141 Finless w/Hustle Wakeboard Package:

Soul meets science. New for this year, more hustle and bustle than ever before. Once again, our game changer is sure to leave others scratching there heads in disbelief. Mixed with our blend of sustainable wood products to keep the world healthy and not deplete our resources, as well as our composite foam material to minimize pollution; this tree hugging built eco-friendly collaboration is sure to complement your inner soul and balance your shakra. With a super quick rocker line and wider profile to create more contact with the water, we tailored our unique ERC Core 5 to nail down the charged type of energy and feel you need under your feet, but still with flexibility in the tip and tail for pressing. So what does this do for you? The snap and energy life of the wood is complemented by the characteristics of the foam to give you the perfect blend of feel, flex, and shakra. The torsional strength here gives you a solid, instant edge response with unmatched core energy life. A formed and balanced pipe curve in the tip and tail help make locking onto obstacles a snap too. You simply need to hop on and experience this thrill ride to truly understand it.

Now available in two flavors, finless for those of you park riders who want it clean all the time or with our patent pending OLT or Obstacle Lift Fins. When hitting an obstacle, the fins spring up and out of the way for that finless, free-ride, stable feel. Once off the obstacle, the fins come back down into place providing the stability and feel that some crave in the open water for air tricks or just plain carving

Product Description 2013 The Hustle Binding - White:

The stiffest CTRL wakeboard boot in our line overall, the CTRL Hustle wakeboard binding continues to impress its will. For this year we tightened up the fit, increased the support, locked your heel down with our new instep lock down system, and generally made it one of the most durable; yet comfortable, wakeboard boots available. Stiff, supportive, and comfy like your favorite pair of kicks. The best components of all of our boots combined, look no further than the Hustle for your next on the water footwear. The Hustle is also the weapon of choice for Keith Lidberg.

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