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CTRL - 2013 The Backstage 134 Wakeboard

CTRL - 2013 The Backstage 134 Wakeboard
Product Description 2013 The Backstage 134 Wakeboard:

Time to get this show on the road, that's what the CTRL Backstage wakeboard is all about. New to our line for 2013 is this balanced quietly confident centric performer. This fast, edgy, skate like ride is tight edge to edge with a surprisingly fluid and much more stable feel. Uniquely balanced due to the directional patterned layup and created by our own magic carbon concoction for enhanced air tricks, the CTRL Backstage wakeboard carries the perfect level of glide speed, yet balanced delicately with some jaw dropping pop. Pour in some ERC 2.5 Core tech, the Plug In Fin, and you have a park board ready for launch. We also built in our ultrafast Tuff base to slide to your hearts content.

Product Features 2013 The Backstage Wakeboard:

  • Tuff Base
  • Plug in fin

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