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Liquid Force - 2013 SST 42 Hampson Wakeskate

Liquid Force - 2013 SST 42 Hampson WakeskateLiquid Force - 2013 SST 42 Hampson Wakeskate
Product Description 2013 SST 42 Hampson Wakeskate:

If you don't ride what the Big Dogs ride, you might as well stay on the dock! Danny Hampson and Grant "Big Don" Roberts continue to be our Big Dogs on Team Obscura and both prefer the SST for all conditions. The multi level deck gives an extra "snap" off the wake or flat water that is unmatched on any other deck. Whether Danny is smacking the lip with his Big Hampson or Grant is winching off his front deck in the Delta, these guys are always having a blast riding their SST's... so will you!


  • Progressive 3 Stage Rocker - A mixture of aggressive 3 stage and continuous rocker, this rocker profile allows the board to stay under your feet as you edge or leave the wake. The board reacts and stays under you, not being dragged behind as you leave the water.
  • Single concave -The progressive 3 stage rocker is complimented with a single concave throughout the board that helps the board track even truer, with a fin or without, when you are on edge.
  • Composite Construction - The composite construction allows the rider to ride the board with limitless boundaries, and the ride of a wood deck. We have worked hard to create a composite board that rides like a wood deck. Great return on ollies and responsiveness of a wood deck when being ridden.
  • Variable Rail Edge - The rail of the board is softer in the middle and as it gets closer to the tip it becomes crisp. Allows for a board that is forgiving when neutral, but tracks when placed on edge.
  • 1.125 Obscura Fin - Comes standard with two Obscura fins. These fins are dialed in perfectly for this board, to help track when on edge, but it is also the perfect height to release on tricks.
  • Gripped Deck - Deck comes with applied die cut grip tape.

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