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Slingshot - 2012 Surf Space Pickle 8' 6" SUP

Slingshot - 2012 Surf Space Pickle 8' 6Slingshot - 2012 Surf Space Pickle 8' 6
Product Description Slingshot 2012 Surf Space Pickle 8' 6" SUP:

The Slingshot Space Pickle has the stability of a long board with the speed and agility of a short board. Featuring a variably tucked hard rail for added bite in the pocket. Designed with a double concave bottom contour that becomes a V-Spine towards the tail allowing for looser transitions edge to edge. An innovative design that enables high performance wave riding and high stoke levels. Made using our Wood Veneer Sandwich construction and Future Response Technology, the Space Pickle is a durable, lightweight surf machine.



  • Length - 8'6"
  • Width - 30"
  • Weight - 22 lbs
  • Volume - 136 liters
  • Quad Fin - DFS fin box
  • Twin Jet tail thrusters up front: 5" tall x 6" wide
  • Standard thrusters in the rear: 4.5"
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs or less

  • WOOD VENEER SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION (WVS) - A stronger , more durable ding resistant board structure resulting in improved durability without the extra weight.
  • ROUND NOSE & WIDE THUMB TAIL - Added surface area and lift in the tail enables maximum maneuverability and smooth turns. Efficient glide across waves.
  • DOUBLE CONCAVE BOTTOM SHAPE - Increase response and stability.
  • AGGRESSIVE 'V' SPINE - Releases the tail, increasing the rocker at the rail line. this displacement effect allows for smooth carving turns.
  • VARIABLE TUCKED HARD RAIL - Added bite enables tighter transitions.
  • EVA PAD - Comfortable, high density traction material with uniform support.
  • QUAD FIN CONFIGURATION - Jet tail thrusters up front and standard ones in the back (remove center fins for more aggressive performance, remove outer fins for more controlled ride)
  • VENT PLUG - Manually open and close vent plug to allow your board to 'breath', equalizing internal and external pressure from hear and atmospheric pressure changes.

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