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CWB - 2012 DB9 138 w/Marius Wakeboard Package

CWB - 2012 DB9 138 w/Marius Wakeboard PackageCWB - 2012 DB9 138 w/Marius Wakeboard Package
Product Description 2012 DB9 138 w/Marius Wakeboard Package

The highest tech, lightest, greenest board in our line just got more high tech, lighter and greener. We start with a 5 lb/ft3 density PVC foam. Insert a 3.5" wide poplar wood stringer from tip to tail. The wood helps bond the top to the bottom and provides a consistent flex. The top shell incorporates bamboo to add strength and reduce weight. This unique process is the lightest and strongest on the market. The DB9 shape is clean and fast. The flat bottom design features a huge center spine that runs tip to tail which softens landings. The beveled edge rail adds strength and allows a smooth edge change. Four aluminum fins are bolted to the continuous rocker shape for the perfect amount of grip. Josh Twelker lights the world on fire with the DB9. Check him on the Delta.


  • CNC cut PVC foam core
  • Poplar wood stringer tip to tail
  • A mere 6 lbs. and green
  • Huge center spine runs tip to tail
  • Clean bottom design for clean ride
  • Variable edge rail with bevel
  • Four bolt on aluminum 1.0 fins
  • Continuous rocker
  • Designed for: Expert

    Product Description 2012 Marius Wakeboard Binding:

    The new Air Shock Gen6 plate, the new heel lock hinge for zero heel lift, Superfeet insole pads, dual lace adjust for a great fit and the SOS shock absorption heel.


  • Air Shock Gen6-Plate
  • Fiberplasm transfers strength for control
  • Superfeet insole pads
  • Heel Lock Hinge - zero heel lift
  • New soft EVA liner
  • Lace adjustable heel lock strap
  • Dual lace adjust
  • SOS Shock absorption heel
  • Gorilla grip

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