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Ronix - 2012 Koal 4' 6" WakeSurf Board

Ronix - 2012 Koal 4' 6Ronix - 2012 Koal 4' 6
Product Description 2012 Koal 4' 6" WakeSurf Board:

We put a facelift on our most popular line up of hand crafted, surf constructed, fast gliding decks for us freshies with added tip rocker. The past decade of designing wake surfboards has resulted in our latest version of our top selling Koal series - even that much less likely to dunk the nose. This speedy shape rides high on the water with a full profile and a super buoyant surf constructed core. A fish profiled board - the Koal can throw the deck on rail with the versatility to break free on the top of the wake. The Koal's shape and construction is a perfect ride for inlanders looking for a universal ride with wake slashing performance. Throw your fin screws away - the Koal series comes with cleaner profiled fins that have a fin box recessed right into the board. From the creators of the original compression molded wake surfboard.


  • Machined EVA top deck with built in tail wedge
  • A fast rocker line, with a hard edging/stable profile and rail design
  • 3 new surf specific 2.9" bottom mount fins
  • Surf constructed - lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)
  • Epoxy Construction - harder resin equals a stronger board
  • The soul of surfing is ridden by the WWA World Champion Dean Smith

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