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McLinDigital - The BooK Box Set Complete - DVD

McLinDigital - The BooK Box Set Complete - DVD
OVERVIEW The Book Box Set Complete Instructional Video

The BOOK DVD is SOLD OUT. Never to be produced again. Waketrix is our suggested wakeboard instructional. Get Waketrix

Complete Box set contains the 5 disc wakeboard set and the 3 disk wakeskate set plus the book Mobile DVD.

The Book Wakeboard Complete Series is the most thorough instructional ever made. The series contains 9 dvd's spanning almost 13 hours! World-renowned coach Kyle Schmidt designed this series from the ground up with proven methods he has developed over the years while being head coach at The Wakeboard Camp and Wakeboarding Magazine's instructional editor. The Book is the most in-depth and accurate instructional on the market. Whether you are picking out your first wakeboard and wakeskate or learning your next mobe, we've got a dvd for you.

This Box set includes all 13 DVDs from this instructional series. With over 13 hours of footage you cannot go wrong with this box set. Every DVD from the Wakeboard Series and EVERY DVD from the Wakeskate series + the Book Mobile are contained in this box set.

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