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313 Productions - Detention 2012 - DVD

313 Productions - Detention 2012 - DVD
OVERVIEW Detention 2012 Wakeboard Instructional Video

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Shaun Murray's new Wakeboarding instructional, Detention 2012, follows the huge success of the original Detention DVD series released a decade ago. Detention 2012 is a three disc set with one disc dedicated to Beginners (approx 90 minutes, with 35 riding tricks plus sections on gear and driving), one disc intended for intermediate riders (over 100 minutes with 27 tricks) and a third disc designed for advanced riders (people most likely getting ready to compete; with over 90 minutes and 32 tricks). It is the only series by Shaun Murray who many consider the number one rider to emulate. No one performs these tricks better and no one can break them down as well as Shaun can. This beautifully shot series is complemented with multiple camera angles, plenty of stop motion photography and a lot of on screen graphics to make understanding the tricks easy.


  • Disc 1 is for beginners with a special section on equipment and driving. 36 Tricks/tips on Disc 1.
  • Disc 2 is for Intermediate riders ready to take their riding to the next level. 28 Tricks/tips on Disc 2.
  • Disc 3 is for riders who are ready to compete in local and national contests. 34 Tricks/tips on Disc 3.
  • Almost 5 hours of instruction

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