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Board Specifications:
Length: 42"
Mid width: N/A
Tip width: N/A
Rocker height: N/A
Rocker type: N/A
Stance options: Unlimited
Fin configuration: Center front - TRAC 2.4", Back Fins - TRAC 2.4"
Skill level: N/A
Construction: Wood with grip top
MSRP: $249.99
Web Site: CassetteWakeskates.com

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  • Manufacturer's Description:
    Introducing another first in the history of wakeskating, the 4-track. This 42" board seems to be hitting the wakeskate world like a ton of bricks to the dome. The 6-fin hole pattern makes locking into ledges, docks and even PVC possible. Ride two fins in the front or back depending on what you want to do on the obstacle. Or ride all four fins if you want some serious traction, either way it works, just feel it out and see which way you like best. The specially designed fins come stock with this deck that make noseslides, tailslides, locked-in 50-50’s, and even bluntslides possible. Specifically designed with the advanced wakeskater in mind, if you can even nose-stall on a skateboard and hit normal sliders comfortably on a wakeskate, this board is for you. Of course we’re changing things all over again, this is all we know how to do.

    Four Trac Features:
    4 Trac fin/truck setup 2, 4 Trac fins placed at nose or tail, act like truck on a skateboard. Allows rider to lock nose slides, tail slides, and 50-50s onto docks and sliders. Multiple fin placement options Place 1 tracking fin on tail, and 2 4 trac fins on nose for nose slides. Place 1 tracking fin on nose, and 2, 4 Trac fins on tail for tail slides. Place 1 tracking fin on nose, and one on tail, for conventional wakeskating 1.6” 4 Trac fin with blunted off trailing edge, and 3 screw system Provides a strong locked in hold on docks and sliders 3 screws provide maximum strength and durability. 1.4” resin Glass fin with 2 screw system (comes standard with 4 Trac decks for tracking fin)Better edge control and better control for landing tricks 2 screws make fin stronger and more durable on sliders Sculpted concave skate deck feels like your favorite skateboard. more control of board. increased leverage for initiating flip tricks and varial tricks Newly improved and redesigned kick tail More room for your feet to maneuver, without having to get a bigger deck. Higher ollie pop. Your friends will see you poppin’ in no time. Newly designed, asymmetrical Cassette outline shape with wider nose than tail. Increased ollie snap and control. Board sticks with foot better Extended side to side concave for 2003 More foot control and more leverage Grip Tape decking surface Maximum grip, minimal weight. True skate grip. Feet stick to deck.
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    Butta Seeka

    Registered: January 2003
    Posts: 1970
    Review Date: Sat May 31, 2003 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $200.00 | Rating: 5 

    Pros: nice shape and good pop
    Cons: o many holes when not rideing with the center fins

    This is my second skate and I love it the only thing I can say bad about it is that I don't ride a lot with the the two center fins on so water always shoots through those, other than that it's a great board.

    Registered: February 2003
    Posts: 892
    Review Date: Sat February 14, 2004 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $100.00 | Rating: 5 

    Pros: Good Pop
    Cons: Its wood

    I bought this wakeskate used for 100 and i'm just getting decent at wakeskating and its a great skate.

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