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Board Specifications:
Length: 104.14 cm
Mid width: 15"
Tip width: N/A
Rocker height: 1.75"
Rocker type: Three Stage
Stance options: Unlimited
Fin configuration: Two 1.25" ISO-Plast Roundhouse fins
Skill level: All Levels
Construction: Wood with foam top
MSRP: $119.99
Web Site: CassetteWakeskates.com

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  • Manufacturer's Description:
    The 9 ply flat deck comes through again this year as our all around performer wakeskate line. Improvements over last year's design include: cleaner lined shapes, more nose and tail rocker, new graphics, and a pair of glass cassette fins that come stock with every linear perspective grip model. A limited edition "Linear Perspective" graphic will be on the first run of these decks featuring Tim, Thomas, Drew and Cole. We're offering a 40", 41", 43", and 45".

    Linear Perspective Features:
    9-Ply wood decks - Stiff deck for maximum ollie pop. True skate feel.
    Less buoyant than a wakeboard. Sits lower in water and tracks better during edging.
    Marine epoxy outer seal - Keeps deck true to it's form. Prevents warpage and damage to the wood.
    Comfortable soft foam grip decking surface - Safe and thin. Use with shoes, booties or bare-feet. Safe gripping performance.
    3 stage rocker - Flat-spot creates slow centered neutral handling point on board for initiating maneuvers like shuvits. Transition from center stage to kick stage creates quick snap for ollie pop off the water.
    Exaggerated kick nose and tail - Enables skater to flick ollies like they would on a skateboard, and creates abrupt transition from center to kick.
    Squared off nose and tail - Cleanest release off the water. Maximizes tail area for best pop in ollies.
    Rounded/ Half-Domed rails - Smooth tracking while on edge. Rolls through rough water smoothly.
    1.25" ISO-Plast Roundhouse fin with 2 screw system - (Comes standard with foam and logo decks) keeps board straight on ollies and helps skater track on landings.
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    Review Date: Fri September 5, 2003 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $100.00 | Rating: 4 

    Pros: foam doesnt hurt when you fall on it
    Cons: after little while sticks on sliders

    (Review for riding on cable) I like this wakeskate alot, then again havnt tried many variations of skates. I like the foam because its more forgiving to fall on then grip, and easier to move feet around then some grips, but still has enough grip to stay in place. After a while of hitting sliders with it, it does get a little slower, and sticks a litte. All in all, i like it, great size (for me) has good pop to ollie, in my opinion, spins good for shuvits as well

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