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  • Board Specifications:
    Length: 138 cm
    Mid width: 16.4"
    Tip width: N/A
    Rocker height: 2.5"
    Rocker type: Three Stage
    Stance options: 18-24"
    Fin configuration: N/A
    Skill level: Intermediate to Expert
    Construction: Resin Core
    MSRP: $410.00
    Web Site: DoubleUp.com

    Manufacturer's Description:
    Greg has a new outlook on the sport and this board proves it. New for 2003, his board has two defined parallel channels that align with the quad 1" fins to provide a strong edge. Yet the ride is unbelievably loose and can break free on demand. Greg toned down the 2.5" 3 stage rocker in the center of the board to 1.5" giving the board a smooth ride and great pop.
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    Review Date: Tue May 27, 2003 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 5 

    Pros: Big pop, fast, tracks well, soft landings.
    Cons: Fins could be bigger for the less experienced rider.

    Greg Nelson is back with Double Up and designed a board with a whole new look. Never before had Nelson designed a board with a lot of speed and an abrupt pop until now, his pro model, a 2003 DoubleUP Nelson.

    The Nelson comes in 3 sizes; 135, 138 and 141. The 3-stage rocker sizes are 2.40”, 2.50” and 2.60” respectively. I picked up the 138. The rocker setup on this board is not like any other. Its 2.50” rocker is toned down in the center to 1.50”, thus making the pop not so overwhelming. Its mid width is pretty wide for this size at 16.40”. The tip and tail shapes are a mellow batwing type making for a quick release off the wake.

    When I picked up the board, the rep asked me what size fins I wanted with the board. I chose 1” fins. These fins are aligned with 4 parallel channels. The board also has cupped rails that worked with the fins to give this board an incredible edge hold. This board, when laid down on its edge, will not let you slip out. Don’t be alarmed, though, as breaking this board free for lipslides or butterslides, is a piece of cake!

    On my first jump with the Nelson 138, I noticed it had a completely different pop, compared to my old board, the DoubleUP Pro 142, which had a great pop that took me up and out into the flats. The difference was that the Nelson had an bucking type of pop. Once you hit the wake, the Nelson takes you straight up! If you have your basics down, the pop is very predictable…straight up, straight down on the 2nd wake. If you really rail it though, this board will take you up and out into the flats. Will it buck you out of control compared to boards with huge rockers? No. The pop is abrupt, but not overwhelming.

    If speed is what you’re looking for in a board, the Nelson will not disappoint you. Outside in the flats, the board is pretty laid back. Once you put it on its edge, hang on, because this board will take you for a ride! It’s as if it was a different board! The board accelerates like no other!

    A year ago, I decided to go with a bigger board for softer landings. When I picked the 138, I was a bit nervous about the landings. Upon landing a big jump, I realized I had nothing to worry about. The landings were amazing! I cased the 2nd wake and/or landed in the flats a few times, and it felt very smooth and didn’t hurt my knees at all. I found towards the middle of the board at the ends of the channels, the convex “holes” along with the center beam to absorb and soften landings. With my feet in the bindings, standing on the platform of the boat, I could rock back and forth; toe to heel…the center beam. After riding it for 3 days, even after not riding for a couple of months, my knees were fine!

    In conclusion, the DoubleUP Nelson 138 is one of the best boards I have ever ridden, with it’s abrupt 3-stage pop, to its super soft landings. If you get a chance to ride one, don’t pass it up! The Nelson will not disappoint you and will take your riding to the next level.

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    Review Date: Wed March 10, 2004 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $160.00 | Rating: 5 

    Pros: love it
    Cons: small fins take getting use to

    This is one of the best boards I have ridden. The pop is strait up and down on the next wake with little effort. It is a little loose for some people but when you get on edge it locks in. This board is also a lot faster than most boards out there expecially for a 3 stage. So if you like the speed of a continous rocker but the kick of a 3 stage this is the board for you.

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