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  • OVERVIEW The Book Box Set Complete Instructional Video

    The Book Wakeboard Complete Series is the most thorough instructional ever made. The series contains 9 dvd's spanning almost 13 hours! World-renowned coach Kyle Schmidt designed this series from the ground up with proven methods he has developed over the years while being head coach at The Wakeboard Camp and Wakeboarding Magazine's instructional editor. The Book is the most in-depth and accurate instructional on the market. Whether you are picking out your first wakeboard and wakeskate or learning your next mobe, we've got a dvd for you.

    This Box set includes all 13 DVDs from this instructional series. With over 13 hours of footage you cannot go wrong with this box set. Every DVD from the Wakeboard Series and EVERY DVD from the Wakeskate series + the Book Mobile are contained in this box set.


    This DVD is designed to give newcomers to the sport of
    wakeboarding all of the information they need to get
    started. It also gives seasoned riders more info about their
    equipment so they can better understand how it works on
    the water. Knowing how the equipment functions is a big
    part of progression and it will also give you the tools to help
    you purchase the ideal setup for your style of riding.

    After the equipment section, we will take you through
    boat driving, boating safety and getting ready to ride. To
    finish up, you will learn the basics of getting up and riding
    your board behind the boat.

    DVD Chapters:
    Intro, Equipment, Boating, Getting Ready to Ride,
    Getting Up, Riding Positions, Edging, Edging Positions,
    Types of Edges


    In this DVD we concentrate on teaching you how to build a
    solid wakeboarding foundation. Every trick in wakeboarding,
    no matter how complicated, can be broken down into its
    most basic parts. Using drills developed at The Wakeboard
    Camp, we will help you to eliminate variables that can
    complicate the learning process.

    In our many years of coaching wakeboarding, we have found
    that you will progress much faster if you learn the correct
    way from the beginning. Skipping steps will make you more
    likely to create bad habits. Once those bad habits become
    part of your muscle memory, they are very hard to break.

    So check out “Building A Foundation” and you will be on
    your way to launching bigger airs, grabs and spins.

    DVD Chapters:
    Intro, Edging Drills, Wake Slides, Heelside Jumps,
    Toeside Jumps, Board Control Drills, HS FS 180, HS BS 180,
    TS FS 180, TS BS 180, Grabs


    This DVD is the most in-depth look ever at the 8 base
    inverts. It even shows different versions of the same inverts
    to help you prepare for variations of these tricks found in
    the "Intermediate & Advanced Inverts" DVD.

    It will also show you how to use the trampoline to make the
    most of your off-the-water training. You will learn how to
    dial in your inverts and rotations, and build muscle memory
    through repetition.

    State of the art digital imaging, multiple camera angles and
    several perspectives on each trick, make this DVD a must
    have for anyone wanting to get the real skinny on inverted

    DVD Chapters:
    Intro, Progressive Edge, HS Back Roll, TS Back Roll,
    HS Front Flip, TS Front Flip, HS Air Raley, TS Air Raley,
    Trip Flip Edge, Tantrum, TS Front Roll


    This DVD includes everything you need to know about
    spinning ON and OFF axis on a wakeboard. We start out with
    "On Axis" spins from the most simple 360's, all the way
    through 720's.

    Then we get into "Off Axis" spins. Starting with Off Axis
    180's and taking you through Off Axis 900's.

    You'll also see every single spin on the trampoline, and give
    you tips on how to grab various spins.

    DVD Chapters:
    Intro, On Axis Spins, HS FS 360, HS BS 360, TS FS 360,
    TS BS 360, HS FS 540, HS BS 540, TS FS 540, HS BS 720,
    TS FS 720, Off Axis Spins, HS FS OA 180, HS BS OA 180,
    TS FS OA 180, TS BS OA 180, HS FS OA 360, HS BS OA 360,
    TS FS OA 360, TS BS OA 360, HS FS OA 540, HS BS OA 540,
    TS FS OA 540, HS FS OA 720, TS FS OA 720, TS FS OA 900


    This DVD will tell you everything you need to know about
    how to do some of the most advanced inverts being done

    Included is virtually every popular 180 and 360 invert. We'll
    also show how to do different variations of the same trick,
    and even how to grab the most difficult tricks.

    Split screens, multiple camera angles and tips on how to use
    the trampoline, all make this disk a valuable tool in learning
    advanced inverts.

    DVD Chapters:
    Intro, HS Roll to Revert, HS Roll to Blind, TS Roll to Revert,
    TS Roll to Blind, HS Front to Fakie, HS Krypt,
    Tantrum to Fakie, Tantrum to Blind, Scarecrow, Tootsie Roll,
    Mobius, KGB, Pete Rose, Slim Chance, S-bend/Vulcan, 313,
    Whirlybird, Moby Dick, Crow Mobe, Dum Dum

    OVERVIEW The Book Wakeskate Instructional Video

    Join professional wakeskater Aaron Reed as he guides you through the sport of wakeskating. In this series, Aaron breaks each trick down so that you can understand the basics and what it takes to master them. This approach to teaching causes riders to naturally progress quicker. This series will not only help newcomers get started with proper fundamentals and correct form, but it also enlightens seasoned riders so they will progress further, faster.

    This Box set includes all 3 DVDs from this instructional series. With over 4 hours of footage you cannot go wrong with this box set.


    This is essential for all levels of riding. Whether you're an advanced rider looking to better your fundamentals so you can progress futher or a beginner just looking for the right information on how to get started wakeskating, it all starts here.

    Featuring coaching by top pro wakeskater - Aaron Reed. Also featuring riding by some of today's top professionals.

    DVD Chapters:
    Equipment, Getting Ready, Getting Up, Riding Positions, Edging, The Ollie, and Wakeslides.


    This DVD focuses in on the base tricks that lead to the harder more technical moves. This DVD is designed to teach you everything about wake jumps, shuvits, your first spins and so much more. Watch and learn as you take the right steps to becoming a better wakeskater.

    Featuring coaching by top pro wakeskater - Aaron Reed. Also featuring riding by some of today's top professionals.

    DVD Chapters:
    Wake Jumps, Grabs, HS FS 180, TS FS 180, Body Varial, Suvits


    This is designed to help wakeskaters take their riding to the next level. Sit back and learn as we reveal the specifics on flip tricks, board spins, slide variations and other technical moves. Discover the essential details you'll need to progress your way toward landing some of wakeskatings more difficult tricks.

    Featuring coaching by top pro wakeskater - Aaron Reed. Also featuring riding by some of today's top professionals.

    DVD Chapters:
    HS BS 180, TS BS 180, Wakeslide Variations, Big Spins, HS FS 360, HS BS 360, TS FS 360, Varial Flip, Frontslide Flip, Backside Flip

    OVERVIEW The Book Wakeboard Instructional Mobile Edition DVD

    The Book Mobile is brought to you by Clermont Media Group, the wakeboarding industry's leading producer of instructional media. "The Book" mobile was created to help you learn where you need it most, in the boat. We broke the original DVD series down into smaller sections so that you can quickly reference skills right before you ride. This enhances the learning process by greatly diminishing the time in between when you see the trick and when you try it.


  • Broken down into over 200 video clips
  • Compatible with any iPod video, home computer or laptop with a DVD drive
  • Color corrected with more vivid color and improved contrast for easier viewing in direct sunlight
  • Designed for use while you travel, Learn right before you ride out on the water, or on the road while traveling to your next wakeboarding destination.
  • Over 8 hours of detailed video instruction
  • Keywords: The BooK Box Set Complete - DVD

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