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Adding A Custom Ballast System
Jon Allen shows us how he added a custom ballast to his 2001 Moomba Mobius.

How To Get Sponsored
It might not be every rider's dream, but many riders do have the goal of getting sponsored for their wakeboarding abilities. This article will give you some guidelines to help you reach that goal.

A recipe for Baked Apple Productions
Kevin Banker with Baked Apple Productions sent us some video trailers of their latest wakeboarding short entitled RGB. He also talks about their next project, Ignition.

INSIDE: BoatMate Trailers
Trailer consideration is a major facet in the boat buying process. BoatMate Trailers in Vonore, TN offers an inside look at this process.

Proline's New EVA Wakeboard Handles
Another new introduction for Proline in 2003 will be the Gripstick EVA Handle with Pencil Floats. Mainlines utilize small diameter, Spectra Fusion Wire rope to reduce weight.

Featured March Rider: Brett Lee
Our March Featured Rider is 15 year-old Brett Lee from Brooks, Georgia. Not only does Brett wakeboard, he also races motocross.

Build Your Own Water-Proof Camera Housing
Want to make your video camera water-proof? Chris Orzech provides us with a low-cost way to make your own from materials found at your local hardware store.

Canopy Effects Productions Interview and Video
Canopy Effects Productions is a new video company started by 22 year-old filmmaker Charles Berquist. The following is an interview with Charles and a link to watch Canopy's debut free web video.

Show Off Your Ride
Have you loaded out your boat with every accessory on the market or have you made your own custom accessories? Send them to us as to be part of a new site section featuring the customizations of our visitor's boats.

INSIDE: Skier's Choice-Supra/Moomba
Skierís Choice has firmly embedded itself in the ski boat manufacturing industry. Its brands Moomba and Supra are each distinct, but universally intertwined. Treasure Hunt and CWB Wakeboards have come together to offer up a 2003 CWB Absolute 140 in a Treasure Hunt Giveaway.

INSIDE: MasterCraft Boats
We have all seen MasterCraft boats in person and read their brochures. Nevertheless, a majority has not seen the inside of the factory and the new 2003s. Here is a look at both of them.

How To Build 6 x 9 Speaker Tubes
Ray Evans was kind enough to put together these step by step instructions of how to build your own 6x9 tower speakers. Instructions complete with photos of each step.

Kicker Hooks Up LF Trip Across America
Kicker hooks up the LF Trip Across America Boat and RV with a high-tech, loud as can be sound system to make it a "Loud Trip Across America" this summer.

2003 Hyperlite Parks Series
Hyperlite has released the 2003 Parks Series board line, which is the pro model for Parks Bonifay. It's being billed as the most aggressive and explosive Hyperlite board to date.

First Look: Shaun Murray Video Game gives us an early preview of the upcoming Shaun Murray's Pro Wakeboarder video game coming out later this year.

Contest Riding vs. Free Riding?
What's the difference between contest riding and free riding? And how do you become a good contest rider? Tommy Phillips gives us an overview. Profile: Chris Law
Our first Rider Profile is of upcoming pro rider Chris Law from Florida. Chris had a strong rookie season on the Pro Tour, and we hoped to find out more about him in our profile.

An Interview With Collin Wright
Collin Wright has had a busy winter moving from long-time sponsor DoubleUP to upstart Serum wakeboards, and also shooting and producing his own video called the O.G.A.

Interview with Josh Storrer
Arun "poonjab" Frances conducted an interview with westcoast ripper Josh Storrer via email. He wanted to share his work with the community and give us an idea of how Storrer views our sport of wakeboarding.

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