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How To Buy A Wakeboard Tower
Choosing the right wakeboard tower for your boat can be a confusing and difficult process. This article covers what you should be thinking about when buying a wakeboard tower for your boat.

Wakeskate Game - Play It Now
Crazy Chicken Studios has released the first version of their full featured wakeskating video game. Get ready to virtually ollie, shuvit, kickflip and do combos until your fingers hurt.

The Future of Boat Engines?
As new engine technologies start to emerge in cars, and as oil production begins to slow down around the world, we wondered what this meant for the future of boat engines? Mike Shirley of Skier's choice talks with us about it.

Customize Your Wakeskate Graphics
Sim Bradley takes you through the process of customizing the graphics on your wakeskate to better fit your personality. This is a cool project to do during those winter months while you can't ride.

Re-grip Your Skate With Leif Erkkila
Kampus Wakeskates team rider, Leif Erkkila, explains how to put new grip tape on your wakeskate. This will need to be performed as your grip tape wears down and becomes slippery.

The 2004 Centurion Boat Line
The 2004 Centurion Boat Line is up in the Gear Guide for Review!

Wakeboarding Holiday Gift Ideas
The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and we'd thought we'd make some late wakeboarding gift suggestions to give to others, or add to your own wish list! Interviews Bill Bierbower of Monster Tower
Over the past year Monster Tower has become a common name in the wakeboard tower industry. In a time where many companies have become faceless, I wanted to find out why Monster Tower is standing out in the crowd.

How To Get Better This Winter
Unfortunately, not all of us live in a part of the world where we can wakeboard all year long. So what can we do while the weather is cold to become better wakeboarders? The following are some different things you can do to improve your riding during the offseason.

Wakeboarding Photography: Basics to the Big Time
So you’re a fan of the pictures spread throughout the wakeboarding magizines each month? Find out how you can shoot the same kind of photos with a bit of practice and knowledge of photography.

The 2004 Moomba Boat Line
The 2004 Moomba Boat Line is up in the Gear Guide for Review!

The 2004 Supra Boat Line
The 2004 Supra Boat Line is up in the Gear Guide for Review!

The 2004 Malibu Boat Line takes a look at Malibu Boats 2004 Model Line. Malibu Boats has added several new features to their 2004 models.

Surf Expo 2003 Report and Photos
As always Surf Expo was filled with fancy booths, new product designs, pro riders, and industry veterans. Check out our report on some new products and check out the large and in charge photo gallery.

The 2004 Correct Craft Boat Line takes a look at Correct Craft's 2004 Model Line.

Test Drive of Malibu's '04 Wakesetter LSV takes the 2004 Malibu Wakesetter LSV out for a test drive. Check out the photo gallery of this cutting-edge new boat.

PREVIEW: 2004 Hyperlite Byerly 142
One of the most interesting shaped wakeboards we've ever seen is part of the 2004 Hyperlite Line. Scott Byerly and Scott Bouchard have innovated another drastic design for the 2004 Byerly 142.

PREVIEW: Hyperlite Premier 2004
One of the top selling wakeboards in the world is the Hyperlite Premier. So what does Hyperlite have in store for the 2004 model, did Danny Harf want his pro model changed? Check out the new graphic and design.

Featured Rider: Josh Chism
Josh Chism is a young and upcoming rider from the heart of wakeboarding in Winter Park, Florida. Josh is just 15 years old but is already making his mark in the sport. Check out our interview, pictures, and video.

Common Sliding Misconceptions
There are a few misconceptions when talking about sliding. In this article, we explain why it is called backside when the rider is sliding facing the boat. We also clear up a few other misleading terms.

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