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Parks Double Or Nothing Contest Results
After the final MasterCraft X-Star roller settled on the shores of Lake Haines in Polk County, Florida, the riders and media were buzzing about who would take the two titles available in the Parks’ Double Or Nothing double up contest that went down on May 3, 2005.

In the evening on Friday, May 6, a stretch limo dropped the riders off at their nesting place at House Of Blues Orlando, with Fishbone and Slightly Stoopid as the headlining bands. With the concert-going crowd filling the joint up quickly, Pointless played their recently edited highlight reel from the event, which would be the tool to help the riders judge for “Best Trick.” The “Biggest Air” award would be determined mathematically, by counting frames of video in the editing program to determine each rider’s length of hang time.

Everybody knew Best Trick would be a close race between Andrew Adkison’s nose grab mobe 540 and Danny Harf’s “Cab 9” (a switch heelside frontside 900). The votes were as close as they could be and just barely tipping the scales was Harf’s Cab 9. One of the reasons riders voted for this move was the fact that Harf can pull it regular, but opted to perform it switch to increase the difficulty level. However, Adkison’s nose grab mobe 5 was a move to be remembered, especially because no other rider has ever done it in the way Andrew did. But Harf was the one walking away with $3,000 cash and a new Red Bull edition Honda 50cc bike, plus an escort off the stage from the lovely Fox girls.

While Erik “Gator” Lutgert’s tantrum to fakie was an unforgettable huck for Biggest Air consideration, event CEO Parks Bonifay found a way to hang up in the air for a longer period of time with his bat wing, counting over 50 frames of video at 30 per second. Chad Sharpe’s monster tail glide of 2004 was a few frames longer and still is recorded as one of the biggest moves ever pulled. One of Harf’s 1080 attempts also tallied up a good frame count and was in the running as well. Just like Harf, Parks walked away with $3,000 cash, a Red Bull edition Honda 50cc bike and a Fox Girl on each arm.

The rest of the night was filled with Red Bull drinks and good times, as riders celebrated another successful Double Or Nothing, the most progressive double up contest the sport has ever seen.

Parks Bonifay would like to thank Red Bull, MasterCraft and Fox Riders Co., for supporting this event in it’s second season.

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